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This is a game that involves earning points through carrying out activities like those of socialites. If the player does not know the tricks to use in order to get more money and earn points, they might end up not reaching the higher levels that everyone would like to reach. There are tricks that one can use in order to reach the higher levels by earning points and getting money to use in their lives. They need to maintain a high standard life to be able to get more points and increase the amount of money they earn in case they get hired to do a specific task.kkh

Kim Kardashian Hollywood tips and tricks

The first trick is to know the ways that you can use to collect and earn money that you can use to buy clothes and pay for the rent in the apartment that one lives in. the game starts with the participant living in a rented apartment where they have to pay rent to the landlord. To do this, they will have to take part in money generating activities that can create the money they need. The easiest ones to collect are the hidden money and rewards that are available in every city. They contain money, energy and points that one may need to move to the next level of the game.

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Another trick that one can use to get more money is by collecting money twice in a given location that is holding an event. This will only be made possible by the manner in which you get into the location. There are always two options that are provided to the player, they can either get into the event or to the location, the choice can enable them increase amount of money that you have and can hence buy better clothes or even buy an apartment to avoid paying

This can easily be done by choosing to enter the location then you collect the hidden money first before you can go ahead and get into the event to earn the money you will be paid for attending the event. You can also avoid paying rent by not coming back into the apartment that you have rented. In this case the landlord will lock the house and will just be in streets waiting and you can still access them to pay the rent. When you start dating a person, it is automatic that they will give you the key to their place so you can be visiting frequently. It is also advisable to be greeting them every morning as this also increases the amount of points that you get.

Another trick for earning extra points is by visiting clubs, buying a drink and convincing the bartender to join you in a gossip. Before choosing the gig to attend, it is advisable to consider the pay made and the number of points you are likely to get from such a gig. You can also take part in photo shoots which will also increase the number of points and money that you have. When you meet a person, try to guess their names as the right guess will also increase the number of points that one has. Having pets also increases the number of points that one gets in the game.

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